Activities 2020
The summer at Rite Folk High School.
We are very proud that all courses in 2020 at Rite Folk High School were completed despite of Covid-19.
Women's course.
From the 29th of June to the 3rd of July.
It was an impressive women's course with 36 female participants including children. We had Agrita who taught dressmaking and Vija who taught hand-sewn dresses according to an old archeological model. Then there were 2 x Sandra who again this year had new ideas to products made of willow. Also cement figures were crated from old teddy bears and toys.
The women's course was organized by Mirdza Trakina, Jolanta Albrehta and Ritma Vainovska. (Gallery 1) (Gallery 2)
Mosaic course and green food.
From the 6th to the 10th of July.
Again this year, mosaic was taught by Ilze Dilane and at the same time Liga Grinberga was the cook and made delicious green and vegetarian food for the students.
Many fine plat olds and mosaic pictures were created and some of the students also wanted to paint pictures.
Role-play for children between 10 - 16 years.
From the 13th to the 17th of July.
Again this year we had role play for older kids and many of the kids had participated in this camp both 2 and 3 times before. They are very happy and interested in playing role-play games. Unfortunately we had to do without a Danish leader of the course due to Covid-19. But Jolanta Albrehta and Inga Zvilna, together with Marina, Monta and Martha and several others, made sure that it was a really good week. In the kitchen, Sandra, Santa and Olga cooked good food for the participants.
(Gallery) (Video for download)
Weekend course in Latvian.
From the 18th to the 19th of July.
On the weekend we held a small language course in Latvian organized by Aase Lundbye and Guna Grinberga.
Five participants had signed up to learn more about Latvian grammar and pronunciation. There were served only vegetarian dishes throughout the weekend. The course went well and the students would like to come again next year.
Paper making course.
From the 20th to the 24th of July.
Again this year we had the paper course organized by Ilze Dilane and supported by IAPMA, the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists.
For this course vegetarian dishes only were served, and Liga Grinberga as a cook was responsible for it. There were many participants also 3 from Denmark. It was a good week with many creative initiatives in addition to making handmade paper, painting and drawing and making lampshades out of paper. There were 25 participants including children.
See more at Ilze's blog:
Role-play for children from 6 - 12 years.
From the 27th to the 31st of July.
During that week there was role-play for the younger children from 6 years and up. Again it was Jolanta Albrehta, Inga Zvilna and Marina who organized the course, and Marta and Monta acted as interns. The children were painted and role-play was played. And everyone enjoyed of being together.

Painting course.
From the 3rd to the 7th of August.
Usually we have a Russian artist who always takes summer vacation in Latvia, and she is our painting teacher. But this year she could not travel to Latvia due to Covid-19 restrictions. Therefore Ilze Dilane took over and taught a small team of eager course participants that week.
Animation course for children.
From the 10th to the 14th of August.
This year we had animation teacher Lolita Steinberga again to teach the younger children how to make short animated films. The children get the ideas themselves and then they turned these ideas into small adventures on film. They either use paper or clay, or some other material. Jolanta Albrehta and Inga Zvilna were in charge of the organization. Nice week full of activity.
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Seniors’ visit.
August 20, 2020.
The school had the pleasure of being visited by a bus full of pensioners from Jaunpils, who spent a single night at the school. The total group was 36 people. In the movie you can see how quickly they got dinner.
(Video for download)