Activities 2019
25 Years Aniversary. (Gallery)
This year it is 25 years since Rite Folkhigh School started. Therefore we arranged a trip to the high school, where 14 Danes participated. The program included a theater tour in Riga, the general assembly at Rite and a tour in "The footsteps of the Danish soldiers" to the Aluksne. In 1919, 200 Danish volunteer soldiers marched against Jekabpils and the aim was to destroy the narrow gauge railway towards Gulbene to prevent the Bolsheviks from carrying weapons and using it as an escape route. The railway still exists and the group was going to take a trip with the train and travel to Gulbene.
The General Assembly 2019.
The general assembly went on according to the agenda and as this year was the 25th anniversary, the 14 Danes who attended collected a gift of money intended to have water installed in the little teacher house.
Children from Druvas performed with beautiful dance by both large and small pupils and the school received a beautiful white rose from the municipality. A very nice event that the guests enjoyed. Afterwards we ate delicious Latvian dishes and a merry local Latvian woman played the harmonica.
Women’s Course. (Gallery)
Again this year there has been a needlework course for women. And again, Lisbeth Andersen has been a volunteer knitting teacher. This time the granddaughter Laura was attending too. Aase Lundbye was teacher as well and made stars out of paper.
Latvian teachers were: Agrita Saulite, who sewed fine dresses with the women and they also embroidered pillows. Sandra Trakina and Sandra Lace were in charge of a workshop with work willow and fine owls were braided. Fine elves were cast in cement and Jolanta Albrehta made fine flower wreaths for the hair. As usual, a nice course where we produced many different things.
One afternoon, the whole group was invited for coffee at Aase Lundbyes summer cottage.
Paper course and language course in Latvian. (Gallery)
The first week of July there were two courses at the same time. Last year, 5 Danes attended a course in Latvian language at Rite Folkhigh School. The four of the students continued throughout the winter with Latvian language and again this year they held a language course, along with various cultural activities. The course was organized by Aase Lundbye and the teacher was Guna Grinberga.
In addition, artist Ilze Dilane had organized a paper symposium with 11 participants. They produced handmade paper of various kinds and decorated it afterwards. You can see more on Ilze's blog:
Mosaic course and Green food. (Gallery 1)
Ilze Dilane was a teacher at our mosaic course. Likewise, Liga Grinberga was a teacher of green food and teaching yoga and makeup.
So the students could start with morning yoga and then choose whether they would like to make vegetarian dishes for dinner or make mosaics.
Later, you could then be taught makeup and get your eyebrows fixed or take a brush and paint a picture.
There were many opportunities and the result was a great show on the last day and many satisfied students. (Gallery 2)
Role play for the big kids. (Gallery)
From July 22 to July 26, we had role-playing games for the big children from 10 to 16 years.
Danish Tune Harbo was the organizer. In addition, the Danish teachers Åse Rønnow and Anna Nielsen participated together with Latvian Jolanta Albrehta as leader, teacher Inga Zvilna and teacher Danute Paunina. It was a week with lots of activity and workshops with leather work and preparations for the big battle on Thursday.
Painting course with Mara Daugaviete. (Gallery)
Last week in July we had a painting course with Mara Daugaviete. There were 14 participants and many were participants from the previous years. We have already agreed that there will be a painting course with Mara next year, too.
Many pictures were painted, and Janis produced a beautiful camel in metal.
Roleplay for small children. (Gallery)
Jolanta Albrehta organized role-playing games for the younger children from 6-9 years.
There was play, and games and lots of activity and fun. Inga Zvilna, and Danute Paunina were teachers.
Animation course for the youngest children. (Gallery)
Again this year we were lucky to have Lolita Steinberga to come and make animation course with the children. The children enjoyed it when the teachers made fun with them and dressed up and at the same time they worked seriously with filming and the results were 4 small animations.
Jolanta Albrehta was the leader of the course, and worked with Inga Zvilna and Danute Paunina. The school extends many thanks to all 4 teachers for their great work.