Activities 2018
We started with Bingo game in January 2018 and watched a movie with the school's friends. 25 people came and there was lively activity during the Bingo game and the prizes were fine cups donated from Strandmarkshave's garagemarket in Denmark.
The movie were named "Water Ball For the Fat Cat" and gave a good picture of a young family's everyday life and conditions in Latvia where the father works in England and the mother all week must work away from home and live in Riga to earn money for house and two children. Meanwhile, grandfather and sister must take care of the two girls at home. The movie afternoon were arranged by Mirdza Trakina and Ritma Vainovska.
On the next day there was a continuation of our psychology hours with psychologist Liga Millupe who came from Jelgava. Here was about 10 people met up to the lessons and practical exercises. The course is a wish from some of the participants themselves. Jolanta Albrehta and Mirdza Trakina organized the event.
Reception of orders
On May 3, at the awards ceremony held at the Riga Castle, Latvian President Raimonds Vejonis presented Cross of Recognition to Lis Hazel Nielsen and Niels Bendix Knudsen for their work to support the connection between Denmark and Latvia. Through the work of the Danish-Latvia Association of Cultural Activities in Denmark and through the work at Rite Folkhighschool in Latvia.
On the picture made in the White Hall directly after the awards ceremony are shown (from right to left): Lis Hazel Nilsen, Niels Bendix Knudsen, Raimonds Vejonis, Ritma Vainovska and Mirdza Trakina.
Handicraft courses for women
There were another Summer course for ladies at Rite school from 25th of June till 29th of June. On the course there were different workshops that you could apply. In a workshop you could learn to knit, double knit, by Danish Lisbeth Andersen, in another you could learn to make the small curves that Sandra Trakina and Sandra Lace stood for. Hanne Dybmose from Denmark stood for batik coloring in different pattern, and you could make cement pots, glue glass together into fun candlesticks, and knit a nice mat of old plastic bags. There was also the possibility of pearl weaving with Benita Pavlovska. There were approx. 25 participants who worked hard and energetically for four days.
The fifth day was used for exhibition and an excursion to the town of Biržai in Lithuania, where we saw the Earth's holes and visited the city's newly restored castle.
The ladies are ready for excursion to Biržai Excursion at the Earth's holes
Latvian language course at Rite
Guna Grinberga was a teacher at the course
As something new, we would like to do a Latvian language course for Danes in collaboration with Latvian Danish Association in Copenhagen.
Aase Lundbye stood as an organizer. The course included teaching and cultural excursions to Likeņdārzs (Fate garden), Jekabpils and Mark Rotko Museum in Daugavpils. One evening local people came and told about kolkhoz, and there was also a private visit to the school's chairman Mirdza Trakina. In addition, the group visited a huge cow farm which is located nearby.
There were five participants at the courses, so the teaching was intensive and good. Guna Grinberga was a teacher at the courses, she speaks Danish and Latvian fluently.
If there is interest, we would like to do the same courses again next year. So it's important to sign up early for the sake of teachers. Contact the head of the school Niels Bendix +45 40312345.
A Dane is weaving at the new museum Visit to the local church in Nereta
Visit to Mirdza Trakina in her new pavilion Funny game with dried beans in a bottle
Danish ambassador's visit
The Danish ambassador Hans Brask visited the school during our language course. He held a small lecture for our students about the work of the embassy today.
Principal Niels Bendix, Ambassador Hans Brask and Lis Nielsen Ambassador Hans Brask, interpreter Guna Grinberga and Bent Gammelgaard
Then we had a lunch together, where the chairman of the school Mirdza Trakina and the bookkeeper Ritma Vainovska also attended, and questions could be asked.
Lunch with the Ambassador, where chairman Mirdza Trakina
and bookkeeper Ritma Vainovska also participated
Before leaving Niels Bendix showed to the Ambassador the school and the surroundings, and Niels Bendix told about the school's work. The school was very pleased with the visit.
From left trainee Christian and Ambassador Hans Brask, neighbour Bent Gammelgaard
and leader of the school Niels Bendix Knudsen
Visit of swinging gymnasts
On Friday, the 6th of July, we had a visit of 40 swinging gymnasts from Mols Rejser. They got a tour to cows’ farm and lunch at school, and they gave gymnastics show in Ciruli for local residents. All of them were well received by the village residents.
Mosaic courses and Green food courses
Again this year we have had mosaic courses together with a courses about healthy green food. Mosaic courses were planned and organized by Ilze Dilane and there were produced a lot of beautiful things.
See Ilze Dilane's blog:
Liga Grinberga taught students how to make green food in the mornings and in the afternoons mosaics were produced. As something new, you could participate in yoga in the mornings, too.
Painting courses with the artist Mara Daugaviete
The school has held a painting courses for several women. The teacher was Mara Daugaviete, who is living in Nereta every Summer, but mainly lives in Moscow. We were very happy that she teach at school.
Role-play courses
We had role-play for bigger children in total of 27 children at school. Tune Harbo from Denmark was invited. Tune has a lot of experience with role playing and would help to make swords. There were fought and painted fine patterns in the head and on the arms and legs. It's a week of full speed, and usually the students get tired in the evenings. But we also had a bonfire with sausages and night run. The course was organized by Lidija Ozolina and the teachers were Jolanta Albrehta and Elina Senkova.
Role-play courses, team 2
From Monday, the 30th of July, to Friday, the 3rd of August.
Role playing camp was held twice this year. This was the 2nd team. Many girls had met. They learned the rules of 4 older students who had been in role-play camps for many years. It was Roberts, Kristaps, Monta and Marta. There are certain rules for where to beat with the sword. Matches were played on the ground, but also held some breaks where water was poured as it was very hot weather. Night walks and bonfires with hot dogs were also available. Lidija Ozolina was organizer and Jolanta Albretha, Elina Senkova were teachers on the courses.
Theater courses for children
From Monday, the 6th of August to Friday, the 10th of August.
Many exciting activities were made. The children worked with clay and made dragons. They also produced fine papers figures that were to be used for the play, which should be shown to parents on the last day. Ilze Dilane was invited 2 days to produce paper with the children. They made paper with leaves from potatoes and flowers.
Clay works with Jolanta and Elina Making paper with Ilze Dilane
Playing games Everyday's delicious food
There was drawing and sticking, and the children did sports games and danced, and there was night runs and bonfires. A nice week with a lot of activities.
Lidija Ozolina was organizer; Jolanta Albretha, Elina Senkova and Inga Zvilna were teachers.