Activities 2017
General Assebly
Rite Folkhighschool held the 23rd annual General Assembly on Saturday, May 27.
Two Danish participants from the supporting group had taken the trip to join.
First we heard some guitar music, played by a Zigmars Kalnare and his son from Nereta.
Then we went over to the General Assembly, which went smoothly and all were re-elected to the board, except Natalija Grinvalde, who wanted to stop. Instead, Maruta Bluma was chosen. Maruta has participated in several of the school's art courses and she has had her children at the school's summer courses.
We ended up with the big cold table and Latvian and Danish songs.
Animation workshop with Lolita Steiberga
The Rite Folkhighschool was filled with children's laughter, playful, active and creative work, as the annual animation camp took place from June 26 to June 30. This time the theme of the camp was "Dwarfing and Dragoning". The dwarfs were explored, traced, searched, painted and designed, resulting in a children's animated film "Dwarf Cinema". The children's video theater "Three Piglets" and the shadow theater "Three Bears" were also premiered. Thanks parents for their trust in, teachers for their work and children's for their joy and laughter!
Animation workshop photo gallery
Summer course for women in July
The school had the honor of a visit by the Latvian ambassador in Denmark Kaspars Ozolins and Mrs Ina while we had a summer course. The ambassador and his wife showed great interest and took the time to talk to the different women on the course about the things they were doing. On the course we knitted, gimped and crocheted small animals, made scarves and small crocheted flowers. We painted cards, braided with arrow and made nice bird houses or the participants could choose to make a basket. On the sewing machine fine bags were embroidered bargillo and we made dream catchers, woven pearl bracelets and paintings with beads and molded different mushrooms in cement that could be used in the garden. The ambassador and his wife participated in the common lunch and together with the Danish guests we had time and opportunity to talk about Latvia.
As something new, Latvian had wanted the teaching of a psychologist. Liga Millupe taught for three hours one day when those who wanted to participate could do so, which almost everyone did. On the last day, the course was completed with an exhibition of the beautiful things, and then everybody went on an excursion to Livani Glass museum.
In this year again we were both Latvian and Danish teachers. From Denmark there were 8 guests, 5 of them were teaching. The guests were Lisbeth Andersen, Kirsten and Svend Åge Winther, Margit Bræstrup, Ditte Bræstrup, Birthe and Svend Kragh. We are very happy and grateful for their participation in the voluntary work.
From the Latvian side teachers were Sandra Trakina, Sandra Lasmane, Benita Pavlovska and Jolanta Albrehta. We are also very grateful to them.
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Role play week in July
In July we had role play for the older children from 9 and upwards. Many children had already been at our role play camp last year. And especially 3 older boys came again and acted as a kind of helpers or group leaders for the kids. This year there were 30 children altogether.
We had 3 Danish camp leaders: Katja Vinding, Keld Fernstrøm and Jesper Wolfram Jansen. The Latvian leader was Lidija Ozolina together with teachers Jolanta Albrehta, Elina Senkova, Santa Zascerinska and Inga Zvilna.
The children made their own swords of soft material and the teachers organized different kinds of fights and games so the children fought and run around the entire day. The camp ended up with a celebration for parents, where the parents tried the swords and pictures from the camp were showed.
We had an excellent kitchen that made very good food for all the hungry children, which had been running all day.
Thank you to everybody!
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Mosaic course and Green cooking
Ilze Dilane held again this year's mosaic course. There was a small group of artists from Riga, two Danes and some local residents.
We also had Liga Grinberga to teach Green cooking at the same time. It turned out to be a good combination. Both mosaics and healthy vegetarian food were produced. On the pictures you can see some of the great results, in the form of mirrors, fade pots, and pictures with mosaics of all colors.
When the course ended, everyone was met with good energy.
Photo gallery
Photos on Ilze Dilane's blog
Diaspora camp in August
This summer from August 6 to 12, an animation camp for children of the Latvian and diaspora took place at the Rite Folkhighschool. The goal of the camp was for 15 Latvian children and 31 children from the diaspora from the Bradford weekend school "Saulespuķe" (UK), the Latvian Society in Ireland, the Latvian School "Jumīts" Waterford (Ireland), as well as the Kaliningrad region (Russia) to learn the basics of animation together, creating films about Latvian folklore themes. The goal of the camp organizers was to help children make the summer a colorful, interesting adventure - to experience the summer of Latvia, to acquire new knowledge and skills in handicraft together, to learn or to strengthen Latvian language skills, to sport, to dance, to relax.
When creating animated films, children realized that technology could be used for their creativity, their own talents and self-representation. In turn, for the parents this camp helped to understand that in today's consumer culture it is important to update the human potential as a resource that can produce both material and non-material values. When creating animated films, children learned to create themselves: to create paper, to create images, to learn to brighten up the images on the screen, and eventually use these images as mediums for the visual, digital storytelling.
The time at the camp was abrupt, smooth and tumultuous in diverse classes, recreation and cultural events. In the last days of the camp, the children made DVDs of created films that were received as gifts. All the works made at the camp during handicraft classes allowed the children to bring home their memories for a week in Latvia - at the Rite Folkhighschool.
Photos on Ilze Dilane's blog
Sewing course in August
We were lucky that two Danish teachers Mette Riis Klausen and Hanne Lykke Johansen would like to come to the school and teach sewing in August. They are both very experienced in sewing, so they could help making a shirt, dresses and pants. They know how to make a good pattern for a dress. We had six women at the course and it went very well, everybody could get the help they needed. We hope the teachers will come again some time and we are very grateful for their efforts.
We finished off with a nice fashion show.
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