Activities 2016
General Assebly
A short guide to this year's General Assebly - this time in video scene created by Anders Holmgaard and Morten Munk Andersen, students at the Danish Media and Journalism Highschool (available here).
The summer courses
From Monday the 4th to Friday the 8th of July we held a course for women at Rite Folkhighschool.
There were many different kinds of workshops, Jolanta Albrehta taught us the marbling on paper, which was made to beautiful cards, a knitting group learned to knit two socks on the same circular needle with the Danish teacher Lisbet Andersen. There was as last year braided nice curves with the two teachers, Sandra Trakina and Sandra Lasmane. We made beautiful patterns, mandalas from yarn, Benita Pavlovska made pearl bracelets and we cast bird baths in cement.


Theatre course for young children
The week after we had theater course for the smaller children with Natalija Grinvalde and Lidija Ozolina, Kristine Verecinska and Maija Daugaviete as teachers. They practiced all week and the children gave a great performance for parents on Friday.

Role play
After the theater course we had a week course with role play. Tune Harbo and Nikolaj came from Denmark to teach. Moreover they were supported by Latvian teachers: Lidija Ozolina, Kristine Verecinska, Raimonds Kirilovs, Natalija Grinvalde, Maija Daugaviete and Anna Nielsen from Denmark.
There were made ghastly bone hands of latex and wounds with blood gushing from wounds. The faces of models were painted so fantastic that you were not able to recognize the person behind the paint. They were performing role play and made plots, shot with bows and arrows and fought with swords.

Mosaic course
The last week in July and early August there was mosaic course by artist Ilze Dilane. The participants produced huge numbers of things, small jars in beautiful colors for potted plants, stools with mosaic, tables with mosaic, and even a wheelbarrow got mosaic. At the school a relief of a crane was fixed to the wall of the school’s building. The school's bathroom was decorated with mosaic all in beautiful colors. All the participants were very busy and we ended with a beautiful display. See Ilze’s great pictures here.
"Seniors in Schools" making "Flora Mobiles" in 2016
For three days 8 boys from 8th grade and two seniors and their leader Wolfgang Strotmann from Harsewinkel Gesamtschule in Germany worked with Danish seniors and teachers from Elsesminde Production School to make four "Flora mobiles".
A "Flora Mobile" is a mobile planttable on wheels, constructed so that wheelchair users can get the wheelchair under the table and get their hands in the soil.
It's Niels Bendix Knudsen, coordinator of the project "Seniors in schools", who has got the project started.
At the workshop the group worked intensively for 3 days and then the group drove to a Daycenter in Odense and donated the gift.
There was great interest at the Daycenter when the bags with the soil were opened and flowers were planted.
The older people clapped and thanked the young people from Germany for the fine gift. "Flora Mobile" is invented and developed in Harsewinkel school in collaboration with seniors who are former craftsmen and schoolchildren.
"Flora Mobile" is sold to several nursing homes and in demand in Germany. Elsesminde Production School has taken the idea to their heart, and will put the tables in the production intended for sale.
A really good project, bringing generations together across borders.