Activities 2014

Planned activities
We started the project ”Culture Guides for Active Ageing” in September last year.

Culture Guide Project

We continue our Culture Guide Project from 2013. We have had various activities, we have continued with bingo and the film club and we had an excursion in October. Our culture guides Brigita Lace, Lidija Ozolina and Mirdza Trakina are still active and find new people and make arrangements.


Status of the new project with Culture guides for Active Ageing
The idea is that Rite Folkhighschool will find and train some active older people to help and make sure that other elderly people get some cultural experiences. For people who sit at home and for various reasons never get new impressions and inspiration.
These experiences could be visiting a park, a concert, a theater or a film.
It could be playing lotto followed by some food in cozy socializing which also could help them to get a new network, learn them to know new people and inform them about interesting activities.
The school district has many active people, the school selected a group of three amongst them – Brigita Lace, Lidija Ozolina and Mirdza Trakina, and we want to hold small courses together with these persons in order to discuss with them how we obtain our goals.
We held the first meeting of the course on 17th of September 2013.
We informed the participants about:
How to contact people;
How to motivate;
How to organize events, including the cultural things that might be suitable for our area;
How to find instructors via the Internet.
Naturally the course was not one-way communication but also a discussion of possibilities precisely in our area.
After the meeting the guides contacted the local institutions in the area.
At the nearby nursing home we held the first presentation meeting to expose interests and needs. The local library and another nursing home in the area were represented, too.
The three culture guides organized and invited to Lotto with coffee and cake at Rite Folkhighchool. It took place on Sunday afternoon the 26th of October 2013.
25 people showed up despite the rain. Unfortunately there were too few of the elderly people, who never get any cultural experiences. But the idea spread to the nearby town, which shortly afterwards arranged Lotto.
The next course for culture guides is scheduled to take place in January and in February this year. We will also make an attempt to make a film club followed by dinner.
The Project "Culture guides for Active Aging" booklet in English here.
Seniors visited Rite Folkhighschool in April
In the days from 28th of April to 5th of May, 2014 we had a visit of 16 seniors from Odense, they were all seniors in schools in Odense. Four of them had been here before during our big senior project 2 years ago. We had a warm reunion with both the seniors and the leadership of Nereta school. In addition to this visit we were around for the nearest attractions and we had a beautiful gathering with the school's nearest and seniors from Nereta. The visit ended with a trip to Cesis and Riga.
General Assembly in May
On Saturday, the 31st of May, 2014 we held the 20th General Assembly at the school. We started in the afternoon and there was a tight schedule because our Latvian culture guide Lidija Ozolina also had to tell about our culture guide project. We also had a visit from a seniors club from Suvainiskis (Lithuania) and many people showed up and filled the hall. The General Assembly went on as planned with the Chairman's report based upon pictures from this year's activities and with election of the Board, it appeared that all members of the board wanted to continue their duties and they were elected.
After the General Assembly four tables were set with delicious food in the dining room and 52 people were seated closely. During the eating everyone – Danes, Latvians and Lithuanians gave contributions to the entertainment. In particular, it was nice to hear three women around 80 years old. They raised and sang with voices from the deep an ancient Lithuanian song.
Chairman Mirdza Trakina had arranged a beautiful display of women's handworks in the school hall, which participants could look at.
Summer Course in July
At the beginning of July we had our usual summer course for women. This time also some ladies from Akniste took part and they were very happy with the course.
The summer course is a course with craft activities and this year we were so lucky to get the Danish Lisbeth Andersen as a teacher. She visited the school in order to teach pearl knitting. We also had three other Danes in some workshops, Jesper and Aase Lundbye supported again this year. This time they had chosen to make lamps out of empty Balsam bottles and folding lampshades of wallpaper. (See the pictures)
Bent Gammelgaard made etageres. He drilled a hole in the center of three plates, which were then to an etagere by inserting a threaded rod through the plates.
All three were Danes who voluntarily gave a hand to the school's courses in the summertime. So if you like to participate and have a great idea for some kind of craft, you can do the same. From the Latvian side we had two talented ladies who made wicker baskets, Sandra and Sandra Trakina.
Ritma Vainovska produced small buffer (small stools) out of plastic bottles, the bottles were collected and upholstered, an idea from the Internet. In addition we made braided bags of coffee bags and woven baskets of cotton strips, crochet slippers and even fine postcard. This course was as always well attended.
Scouts camp in July
In the national park “Saukas dabas parks”, which is about 200 km SE of the capital Riga, there once again has been held a summer camp attended by young Latvians and 4 scouts from Denmark. The purpose of the camp was the development of a nature trail that was started few years ago with various activities and installations. The path should lead to Ormankalns, one of the highest points in Latvia, 181 m above sea level. In addition, the community formed by young people of different nationalities is part of the conceptual framework. The group behind the project is the “Association Denmark – Latvia”, “The National Park and Environment” and “Tourism Development Club” at Rudite Urbacane.
Financial support was granted from the local municipality, donation from Henrik Mollerup, Y’s Men Club and St. Georg guilds in Denmark and a guild in Roskilde Hedebo district. Niels Bendix and Aase Lundbye had been the contact persons and coordinators for the partners in Latvia before and during the stay.
Painting course in July
Again this year we had a painting course for women in July. Maija Daugaviete was a teacher.
Dolls theatre course for children in July
Natalija Grinvalde and Maija Daugaviete were organizers of a course for a children group. They made dolls out of plastic bottles and at the end of the course they made a theater play “Lazy Gonza”. The play was shown for the parents the last day. Both children and teachers had a nice week.

Visit from Them in August
On the 6th of August a bus with people from the city Them in Jutland in Denmark arrived. They visited the school and had lunch, and director Niels Bendix told them about the school.
Visit to Germany in September
In September Niels Bendix Knudsen and Lis Nielsen visited August Claas-Schule in Harzewinkel in Germany. The visit was supported by the EU, Erasmus + mobility. The goal was to get the inspiration to develop the project "Seniors in School". They visited the school´s Außenwerkstatt (Outdoor workshop) and saw their project JAU, where young pupils and old retired craftsmen work together.
Women's club "Kamene" in October
Several years ago, when the folkhighschool had just started, women’s club "Kamene" was founded as well. The word "Kamene" means bumblebee. It was the bee, who lived in the ground, the bee was as diligent as a woman, they said. In the beginning the club had their meetings at the Rite Folkhighschool, but later they moved to the municipality buildings in Druvas, now Ciruli, because it was easier in the wintertime. But last year the club was thrown out of the municipality building and had no other place to stay, so they have now moved the meetings back to the school again. They have meetings once a month and during their meetings they make handicraft and they have been shown films and played bingo. One of the club's activities was a day where women made hammocks using finger knitting.
Excursion in October
There was an all-day excursion for all members of the school in October. The trip was organized by chairman Mirdza Trakina and bookkeeper Ritma Vainovska. At 7:30 we went to Carnikava, northeast of Riga, where we tasted lampreys (nēģi in Latvian) which were roasted over coals and eaten from the tail of. The lamprey (similar to eel) is a parasitic fish that swim from the river into the sea and lives there until it is 4 years old, after that it returns to the river and lays its eggs in the sand.
We saw a great castle Ziemelblazma (link1, link2), and then we drove to Riga where the ladies, 19 women, went to watch a 5D film about Riga in 11 minutes. It was a great experience. We finished off with a visit to a young entrepreneur, who had started making wine out of birch sap. There were tastings for all and he made both wine and a kind of sparkling wine like champagne. But the wine was very expensive and mainly sold to Germany. After a visit to a large store Rimi, where the women just had to have the most necessary, we drove back to Rite Folkhighschool where we arrived late in the evening.
A Christmas arrangement of the women’s club ”Kamene” is being planned.