Activities 2013

Planned activities
In September we started the project ”Culture Guides for Active Ageing”.

We will have meetings with the Culture Guides in the months of November, January and February.


The school in summertime with all the activities. Painted by Mara Daugaviete, look more about Mara Daugaviete at her homepage:
General Assembly at Rite Folkhighschool
This year, the General Assembly took place on 11 May at Rite Folkhighschool. It brought together 22 contributors of which 6 were Danes. As usual, everything has been approved by agenda: school’s board chaiwoman Mirdza Trakina summarized progress made in the previous year. Her report added board member Natalija Grinvalde for two summer camps – workshops for children, namely, animation workshop and theater course. Rite Folkhighschool director Niels Bendix Knudsen briefly told about woodcarving course results, Lidija Ozolina thanked for received humanitarian aid to the Birzu boarding school, Nereta Crisis center and the disabled people. Lis Nielsen talked about last September informative handicraft bazaar in Copenhagen, which was set up during the joint Latvian - Danish stand, where Latvian knitted socks were sold. A similar fair was held also during the Christmas season, and all proceeds will be used to finance this year's courses and workshops. During the debate it has been proposed to create at Rite Folkhighschool’s area "Green Class" – a shelter with fireplace, where it will be possible to work during the rain, thus promoting environmental education and nature conservation. The official part ended with the election of the Board. The new Board does not show any significant change - the Danes represented by the same people as last year, the Latvians represent one new board member Janina Bicole. Traditionally at the end of General Assembly followed the feast, and all of us were entertained by a musician from Lithuania.
Course for seniors at Rite Folkhighschool
For the first time we ever held a senior course at Rite Folkhighschool. It was held at the request of the older local people. From 12 May to 15 May for 4 days. Last year's General Assembly guest and supporter Henrik Ahnfelt Mollerup had donated DKK 10,000 (LVL 1000) so it was possible to make this first senior course. We had made a program with accommodation but it turned out that it was no great interest when it became a reality.
On the first day we went on an excursion, there were people from Nereta, Viesite, Elksni and Druvas. All together we were 22 people in two small buses. We visited Liktendarzs, a Garden of Destiny, taking shape on an island in Koknese. But first we went by bus to visit the castle in Krustpils, where we got a guided tour and saw an office furnished as in the Soviet times. Then we drove to Liepkalni. Here we got a hot meal on the terrace down to the river Daugava and there we also looked at bread baking. Finally we came to Liktendarzs (see gallery). It is a garden in memory of the past, the present and the future of the people. It is an inspiration to follow your dream in the future. We bought a tree, we could not even determine what kind of wood, and then everybody out together planted it. The tree got a number 1554 and now we can follow the tree growing on the Internet. There were already planted many trees, and on the notes that were put on the trees, we could read that some were planted in memory of relatives died in Siberia. We also bought a small rock with our name or names of relatives, which was laid down in a path that leads down to a large amphitheater. As one participant said, some of our relatives have never got a stone when they died, now they get one. The garden has been offered as competition, and it was a Japanese architect, who won it. And then the day ended, and the bus drove all of us home.
The following days came less seniors, but the course was conducted and seniors expressed joy and gratitude. And we hope that it will be able to make it bigger and better next time.
We have ended our project "Seniors in School"
The manual "Seniors in School" is produced in coorperation with Nereta's Janis Jaunsudrabins Secondary School in Nereta, Latvia, Paarup School in Odense, Denmark and the Folkuniversity in Karlskrona, Sweden.
The project is supported by EU´s Grundtvig program and Nordplus Horizontal.
You can view handbooks here: English, Latvian, Danish, Swedish.
Animation course in Rite in June (see gallery)
Again this year was held course for 24 children aged 7-10 years. The children stayed in school for a week. Lolita Steinberga taught animation, along with Nata Grinvalde, Lidija Ozolina and Liga. For two days came artist Ilze Dilane and taught children how to make paper out of fabric. Then combined to paper and photos into a fine animated film. It was a successful week. In the pictures you can see the result. The Danish Cultural Institute in Riga has supported the course.
Painting course(see gallery)(Part II)
In June the 26th, the 27th and the 28th we had a painting course. Maya Daugaviete was the teacher and 10 women took part. Mara Daugaviete was supporting the group. The students where very busy and worked hard and achieved a splendid result. The pictures were later shown at the local library.
Summer course for women (see gallery)
Again this year, we held summer school for women a week in July. There were many workshops where among other things to: felted hats, weave bags and baskets, make jewelry, embroidery, crochet and knit shawls and make felt pictures. This year there were two Danish teachers, Hanne Dybmose and Conny Rasmussen, while the other teachers were Latvian. The number of participants was reached among 30-40 most days and all ended with a nice display of all results.
Scouts in Sauka Dabas Parks in July (see gallery)
In the National Park, Sauka Dabas Parks, located approx. 200 km SE of the capital Riga, has been held a summer camp with the participation of young Latvians and Turkish youth and 5 scouts from Denmark. The camp took place in week 29.
The purpose of the camp was a development of a nature trail that was started a few years ago with various activities and installations. In addition, the community of young people of different nationalities was a part of the conceptual framework. The group behind the project is the Association Denmark-Latvia, the National park and Environment and Tourism development Club at Rudite Urbacane.
Granted financial support from the local municipality, donation from Henrik Mollerup and Sct. Georg Guilds in Denmark and guilds in Roskilde Hedebo district. Niels Bendix has been the contact and coordinator for the parties in Latvia before and during the stay and Helge Andersen has been in contact with the scouts and Sct. Georg Guilds.
Danish choir on a visit to Latvia (see gallery)
The famous Latvian Song Festival was held for the 25th time in Riga, and among the guests were Caroline Amalie choir from Lyngby. There were 3 main purpose of the trip: to experience the song festival in Riga, to meet one or more Latvian choir and getting just a little knowledge of an "Eastern European" country - urban as well as rural.
The choir was met in Riga by Evija from choir Ale from the city of Aloja near Limbazi. And it was first presented to Vermanes Darzs, where there was singing, dancing and playing from both small and large stages, and there were plenty of stalls with Latvian crafts. The choir continued to "Small Guild" which throughout the evening was free to consult foreign choirs.
Next day the choir was to rehearsall in Meza Parks, which was a great experience and in the evening they went in to the "Small Guild" where they heard the Danish choir Carmina from Copenhagen.
Then the choir drove to Nereta and a couple of days visited and stayed overnight at Rite Folkhighschool. Then there was a workshop with the choir from Nereta and it ended with a concert in the nursing home garden and a concert in the Catholic Church.
It was all arranged by Jesper and Aase Lundbye who have summer cottage in the area.
Theater course (see gallery)
25 children aged 7-16 from Riga, Kekava, Jekabpils, Skriveri, Nereta and Rite came together again for theatre workshop at Rite Folkhighschool from 29th of July to 2nd of August. This year led by two teachers from Denmark - Martin Hermansen and Lise Bonde. During these 5 busy days children had not only to rehearse the play, but also to take care of outfits and equipment. As usual Maija Daugaviete gave to us her helpful hands as artist of decorations but teacher Lidija Ozolina took care of the discipline.
Musical performances were based on the story of the Love Goddess, who is slowly dying from ruling the world of evil, wars, crime, disputes and pollution. And only true love - like mother to her child - has ability to re-save her.
Publishing the handbook "Seniors in School" (see gallery)
Wednesday, 11th September we celebrated our book publication "Seniors in School" in all three project countries - Denmark, Sweden and Latvia at the same time. It happened in Odense, Denmark, in Karlskrona, Sweden and in Nereta, Latvia.
In Latvia there was a nice reception for the publication of the book at Janis Jaunsudrabins Secondary School in Nereta. In the hall sat all the students and the mayors of the county and city, as well as teachers and seniors were present.
Rite Folkhighschool was represented by Niels and Lis and they had brought 6 guests. There were 2 from Estonia, 2 from Lithuania and 2 from Denmark. The reception started with a student playing a piece of music, then grade 4 in national costumes danced, there were speeches and readings from the book and finally presentation. The whole reception lasted over 2 hours. Then all went down to the grass in front of the school where there were balloons, which were marked "Seniors in School" and at each balloon a note was attached with the book's URL. Students were allowed to hold the balloons and at the same time they were sent aloft with cheering and hand clapping. It was the very nice event that also came in the newspapers.
New project: "Culture Guides for Active Ageing"
We have started a new project: "Culture Guides for Active Ageing".
In short the project is about the training of some people to be cultural guides, so that they can help people who never experience cultural events or are inactive in social and cultural contexts to get some cultural experiences.
We work with a school in Estonia, Tartu Day high School, a school in Lithuania, RMDA and Musisk Folkeoplysnings Forbund in Denmark.