Activities 2012

Planned activities for 2012
English courses from the 2nd of January to the 6th of January by teacher Gita Skrebele.
Meeting in April from the 11th – 15th with  HVSIS (Handbook Volunteer Seniors in Schools) project, a project between Denmark, Latvia and Sweden which is financially supported by Nordplus. Project HVSIS (Handbook Volunteer Seniors in Schools) is a project where seniors in the school of the three countries Denmark, Latvia and Sweden are working together to create a handbook and manual, helping to get other schools to start with having seniors in the school. Nordplus supports it financially and it is a project that lasts for 2 years.
Handicrafts workshop for women from 2nd – 6th of July.
Theatre Project for children from 8th - 13th of July with Peter Thybo Sorensen.
Wood carving course from 12th – 19th of August with Janis Kopiske as a teacher. For the first time Janis Kopiske visited Rite Folkhighschool in 2010 (see gallery).


General assembly
General assembly were held on 19th of May 2012. Chairman Mirdza Trakina and headmaster Niels Bendix told about activities and courses. 25 people from the school circle participated. All the Latvians in the board were re-elected, but Bent Gammelgaard was new elected from the Danish side. After general meeting the choir from Elksni sang and then coffee etc.
Interpreter gets flowers from Lis as thanks
Elksni choir
Coffee after general meeting

Animation workshop for children (see gallery)
As traditionally, for the fifth year in mid-summer for five days animation workshop took place at Rite Folkhighschool. The four-teacher team leadership actively and persistently there were 28 children aged from 6 to 14 years. We enjoyed a peaceful countryside above all the tranquility of nature, sometimes interrupted by a tractor or another vehicle. True, we all rumbled school’s building not in jest, as forcefully played in ours weekdays. True of those who claim – the more you do, the more you manage – we learned to work as a team, became acquainted with the science, learned outrageous things about water cycle in nature, dinosaur extinction, crop development, animal tails, pyramids, food chains, birds’ life cycle and elephants’ evolution, involvng into scenarios of our cartoons ball’s image as unifying element. We created and then danced paper dolls which were taught to make to us by artist and decorator Maija, we were running back and forth and raising pasta, as well as creating a miracle film about ourselves. All together we felted bland pets, sewed gratitude cards, formed paper kittens. Of course, we played games and relaxed because such activities in a different way would not be possible. We were visited by the Danes, who taught us the camp’s leadership couplet and game (Sum–ba–dium), as well as had prepared for us an exciting relay with five checkpoints. We competed to each other in the night race, and then during the final day of the camp delighted our parents with the results. At the end all of us were taken by opposite senses – we wanted to go home as well as to stay a little bit. To part of our team it was welcomed time of summer, but some of us were for the first time in Rite. We all were happy, pleased, grateful and energetic charged. And so – until the next camp!


Summer course for women (see gallery)
We had summer course in July. 59 women arrived and together with them a lot of children. So the school was full of life. Three Latvian women from last year’s course offered to make a course for the other women. Two of them, Helena and Gaida were teaching crochet, and the third one, Agita, offered to make jewels. From Danish side we were the same as last year: Hanne Dybmose, Aase Lundbye and Anna Nielsen. Hanne was teaching cord, a Japanese technique, the cords could be used as necklaces. Aase was sewing pillows and Anna made mosaik. Mara Daugaviete had a group which made paintings in acryl. Other activities were postcard with flowers, made by thin strips of paper and generously decorations made of crepe paper and chocolate confects. Everybody was working very hard the whole week and at the end there was an exhibition with all the beautiful things.


Theater course in Rite (see gallery)
Peter Thybo from Hvidovre Youth Theater in Denmark came to Rite to instruct the young people from 10 to 16 years. All together came 26 young people to the school to take part in the theater course. Peter had said that it had to be a theater music-concert, so the pupils should bring some music they like to the school. Mara Daugaviete produced together with the pupils’ masks in papier mâché, and they became very beautiful and artistic. The theme was a love story between two young people one from the woodpeople and another from the seapeople, and they were not allowed to get each other. They actors did not speak but they used masks, mimic and music to tell the story. The whole story ended up when the actors jump into the pond from the homemade raft, and the parents got very surprised. Natalija Grinvalde and Lidija Ozolina were teachers at the course.

Woodcarving course in August (see gallery)
In August we had a woodcarving course with Janis Kopiske as a teacher. It was a little group with four people. Janis wants only a small group, because he want the best opportunity for each person and because they are working with the motor saw. So you have to be careful. They all got a big piece of wood and then they had to change it into something else. After hard work they all ended up with a good result. They made a beaver two eagles and two owls and also a bat.