Activities 2011

Preliminary plans for 2011
8th of April the Danish Ambassador, Per Carlsen visits Rite.
15th of April to 5th of May Project VSIS (Volunteer Seniors in Schools). Four Danish seniors will practice at Nereta's Janis Jaunsudrabins Secondary School and stay at Rite.
11th to 13th of May the project "7 online tools for adult learning" conference will take place here. Participants from Norway, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Latvia. See homepage: NOVA
4th of June School's General Assembly.
27th of June to 1st of July Film animation camp for children (aged 8-15).
4th to 10th of July Knitting course for women (Danish/Latvian).
17th to 23rd of July Theatre course for children.
25th of July to 5th of August course in English.
Christmas Course in December the 1st and 3rd : dipping candles and making decorations.
Ambassador's visit
The Danish Ambassador in Latvia, Per Carlsen, visited Rite Folkhighschool on the 8th of April. He saw the school and we talked about this year's activities and also talked about the school's construction and history.
Ambassador talked about his previous work in Vilnius and Moscow, where he was formerly Ambassador. We discussed how the school and the embassy in the future can cooperate.
The embassy keeps on 8th of May Europe Day and the 3rd June is celebrated as Danish Constitution Day.
See more pictures on photo gallery.
Project "Volunteer Seniors in Schools"
On 18th of April in cooperation with Nereta's Janis Jaunsudrabins Secondary School the project VSIS (Volunteer Seniors in Schools) is started. The participants in exchange of experience are 4 seniors from Denmark: Jørgen Eriksen, Henning Andersen, Erik Hansen and Mogens Pedersen. Later on the 25th of April they will be joined by five more Danish ladies: Mereta Møller Rasmussen, the principal of Paarup School, Grete Hjulmand Kragh Petersen, the coordinator of senior projects in Paarup School, Elisabeth Eriksen, senior lady and Jørgen Eriksen's wife, Emma Provstgaard, senior lady, and Birte Andersen, retired teacher and Henning Andersen's wife. The project will last until the 5th of May.
Four Danish seniors who participated in project
Together with Latvian seniors and some other people involved...
... and together with project initiators and school officials
General Assembly at Rite Folkhighschool on June 4, 2011
It was the 16th General Assembly. The first was held at Bincani in October 1994.
Niels Bendix welcomed and told that the 5th of June was the Danish Constitutions day, and it is still an important day in Denmark. And that the Latvians should use their democratic rights and vote in elections.
36 participants were met, there were 7 people from Denmark. The agenda was followed and there were no new proposals. Board president Mirdza Trakina made a full report, and from one of the participants was expressed that there was great activity at the school. The director did also tell about the year and it took form of a photo shoot. The accounts were presented and distributed to all and agreed with the auditor's endorsement.
Thereafter, future plans presented:
Children course and camp with Lolita, Nata and Lidija Ozolina, Summer course with Hanne Dybmose, Aase Lundby, Anna Nielsen, Theater training for children with Peter Thybo, English course with Gita Skrebele. Agita Augstkalniete wanted to get a data course for beginners, if she found the students and teacher, the school wanted to support it. As a completely new offering Niels Bendix wanted to organize a little cooking course for men in the autumn. 4 men have already signed up.
Applications: Senior project will end on the 1st of August and the school has submitted a new application for a manual on how to start a "seniors in the school project". Also submitted two applications for Nordplus and the EU, it is a woodcarving course in 14 days and another course of a week for 50+ adults.
There were handed flowers and thanks for the cooperation to the Board.
Animation workshop for children "Once upon a time in Rite..."
Work this week led a team of teachers: leader Lidija Ozolina, animated film-making specialist teacher Lolita Steinberga, her assistant student Laila Zupa, teacher Natalija Grinvalde and Lis Nielsen from Rite Folkhighschool. Workshop attended by 22 children and young people from 6 to 15 years old and they all came from Rite and Nereta parishes, also from Jekabpils, Salaspils, Kekava and Riga.
Five-day animation workshop resulted in 8 short films, which documented Rite parish history, people, children's sense of poetry readings. During animation workshops children and young people participated attractive living and studied history through animation as one of the arts. They creatively survived the events of antiquity and the present, learned to understand themselves and others, not only among their peers, but learned to respect and understand different generations of people.
Summer School for women at Rite Folkhighschool July 2011
32 women were active at Rite Folkhighschool summer course, organized in the form of workshops. There were 7 workshops in total that were held and led by 7 different volunteers. 4 volunteers from Denmark, one from Russia and two from Latvia, so there were many languages spoken including body language.
Some were knitting necks using pearl knit with nice yarn, others weaving a scarf on a large sheet of masonite, others made beads from the material Fimo and created a unique necklaces or a pair of earrings. Some chose to make dolls out of rags and got great results, others made mirrors and small tables with mosaic, some created beautiful hats made with leafs and finally others could knit a pair of slippers. Participants paid 3 Ls and further more each participant contributed in bringing some sort of food for lunch, where the school gave coffee and bread.
It buzzed with activity and one of the days came Mara Daugaviete, a well known Russian painter, with other Russian artists, and saw the school. In the end, many women come with fine pastries and teachers got a tons of flowers as thanks for a wonderful week.
See pictures on photo gallery.
Pantomime theater workshop for children and young people
From 17th to 23rd of July 26 children from the Nereta, Akniste, Jekabpils, Rite, Pilskalne and Riga mastered pantomime principles Comedia de'll Arte style managed by Danish trainer Peter Thybo Sorensen. Children and young people staged a fairytale themes, comical and tragic everyday life situations, it could incur different images, their emotional experience. Participants learned to use body language, makeup, sound, music, costumes and stage design as an effective means to tell the audience a memorable stories. On the workshop's closing event on July 23 parents and everybody was watching three premieres: "The Tale of Cinderella," "Cat's Story," "Spriditis". Workshop funded by the Danish sponsors and children's parents.
26 young actors, director Niels Bendix Knudsen, Board member Lis Hazel Nielsen, a teacher and director Peter Thybo Sorensen, workshop manager Lidija Ozolina, teacher Natalija Grinvalde, costume and scenery designer Maija Arsenjeva, kitchen workers Velta Auzenberga, Sandra Strumska.
Professional development courses for teachers "Use of animation in education"
Professional development course to six teachers from Nereta's Janis Jaunsudrabins Secondary School and one teacher from Sprogi Primary School was led by the Latvian University doctoral student Lolita Steinberga. The course aimed to develop teachers' knowledge of animation possibilities in education and develop skills to use animation as a teaching tool. The teachers listened to lectures on current events in the 21st century education, the importance of creativity in the conceptual age (D.Pink), the importance of the story in culture, education and eventually became acquainted with the theoretical background of animation in pedagogy. During exercises the teachers got acquainted with the animated film-making process and various animation techniques, resulting the four days with six cartoons.
Handicraft workshop
From October 24 to 28 for the second time Rite Folkhighschool was visited by a Danish teacher Conny Rasmussen. She taught new crochet embroidery techniques, as well as twisted and braided jewelry, bag manufacturing, where the raw materials used as old magazines, comic books, coffee sachet packaging and rubber for the 15 ladies from Rite and Nereta parish.