Activities 2010

Preliminary plans for 2010
In March meeting with Danish supporting group in Denmark.
Meeting for 7 partners in Rite within the framework of project "7 online tools in lifelong learning"on April 21-23.
General assembly on May 15.
In July/August courses in English, animation, needlework, knitting as well as ongoing projects.
On August 28 visit from Northfunen pensioners club.
In December The Christmas decorations course.
Report for project "Pensioners at school"
One week course for leaders/teachers from Latvia, Denmark and Sweden.

The preparatory meeting was held in Karlskrona (Sweden) from 7th to 11th of September, 2009. One of the Danish participants did not come because of illness. We had a week with a lot of information and substance good planned by the Swedish partners.
We managed to see and took part in pensioners activities at different schools and preschools, saw how the Swedish schools function. And the Latvians looked at the good facilities.
Through speeches we were introduced to how to start pensioners project at school. Which pitfalls, opportunities and experiencies we could expect. At all we met the planned objectives to a very high degree. Not only the participants but also the schools and organisations benefit of the meeting.
We did not plan to make any material from the meeting but we collected a lot of Swedish publications from Karlskrona for using at home.
After going home the participants from Denmark and Latvia decided to ask pensioners in the local area to be pensioner at the school in Paarup (Denmark) and in Nereta (Latvia). Six pensioners started in Nereta in November last year, and two started in Paarup from the 2nd of February this year. So the project this meeting invoked will continue as long pensioners, teachers and pupils will like it also without support, but for developing support is necessary. In order to include more schools and pensioners we have to contact to local NGO's and newspapers.
The project is mentioned in Rite Folkhighschool's homepage and will be mentioned in other sources, too. We expect to apply Nordplus on March 2010 for further developing of the project.
General Assembly 2010
The school held the General Assembly in the Ascension day holidays. 36 persons participated, 30 Latvians and 6 Danes. As usual we ended the assembly with a delicious Latvian table. After that we all went out in the garden where we planted an oak in memory of Niels Henriksen. He died in October 2009. Niels was a pillar of the school.
Animations course for children in July
The school had animations course in July. 24 children stayed one week at the school, together with two Latvian teachers. A teacher from Riga came and taught the children how to make animation films. The course ended up with an evening where the children showed their work to the parents. The course was supported by the Danish supporting group in Denmark.
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Summer course for women in July
Again in this year there was a course for women. This time they could try to make crème, model with salt dough, make jewels with pearls, sew shawls, make felt bags and work with leather. Two Latvian and two Danish teachers taught at the course. The course took place in six days and the participants were satisfied with the course and said they very much wanted to come back again next year. Also this course was sponsored by Danish supporting group.
English course in July
A group of 6 persons wanted an English course very much and organized an English teacher by themselves. They were happy for five days intensive English but next year they’ll like to want it for a longer time, if it could be possible. The reason why we were able to have so many courses this year is that when Niels Henriksen died, the family supported the school with 20.000 kr.
Course in woodcarving in August
Janis Kopiske from Bredebro in Denmark has been teacher at a course in wood carving at the school. 5 men had been working in a week with motor saw and chisel and carved different kind of animals out of the oak.
Conference to mark the 10th anniversary with Grundtvig adult education program in Latvia
At this conference Niels Bendix Knudsen, Rites Tautskola, presents the project "Volunteer Seniors In Schools". You can download this presentation here (file: riga foredrag5.ppt ~27Mb).