Activities 2006

Repair course
In May a repair course was held.
Two retired carpenters, Frode and Knud acted as teachers.
They taught the participants, mostly women in making small reparations in homes.

During the winter we run a computercourse for local women. The course ended with a diploma.

Handicap course
Niels Henriksen from Kollund was initiating a handicap weekend.
In 2007 a new and longer course will follow.

Course in knitting and cooking
In August Birgit Møller-Kristensen arranged for the fourth time a course in knitting and other handicraft.
This time she was accompanied by Bente who was in charge of a cookingcourse.
The courses are free and 26 women in all ages participated.
The course lasted one week from 9 to 15.
It will be followed by a new course in August 2007.

New flat with toilets
Niels Bendix and Niels Henriksen together with Ints Trakins and Janis have been working making a flat in the second floor.
Soon two toilets and a bath will be finished too so we do not have to go to the outside lavatory anymore.

Renovating the old kitchen
The floor of the former kitchen is dug up and renewed.

Preliminary plans for 2007
General Assembly at Ascension Day from thursday the 17th to Sunday the 20th of May.
Handicapcourse at the end of June.
Summer camp for local children, probably again in the middle of July.
Course in needlework last in August.

Luba and Biruta get instructions from Frode

Biruta, Luba and Larisa have a break

Gutters are cleaned


Handicapweekend, exscursion to the lake

Bente and Ritma in the kitchen

Birgit takes pictures in the class

Niels inspects toilet

Niels Bendix and Niels Henriksen

Ints digs out for a new floor

The women on their way home