Activities 2005

The board from Rite visits Denmark and Sweden
The board from Rite has been visiting Denmark and Sweden in August 2005. Niels Bendix drove the 5 latvian boardmembers from Rite to Litorina Folkhighschool in Sweden, where Elsmari Mattsson took care of them and showed them Karlskrona and the school.
Then they drove to Copenhagen, where they met Lis Nielsen who arranged a sightseeing in the town and at the canals. Especially the new metro was interesting for the guests, a train without a driver!! That made them open their eyes.
Then they drov to Båring Folkhighschool where they stayed for 3 nights and a boardmeeting. They also passed Odense where they got coffee at Nete Thomsen's house. At the end of the trip the board visited Birgit Møller Kristensen in Hvidovre. She showed her house and a nursing house for elderly people.

Velta and Brigita having lunch in Copenhagen at Anna Nielsen

The board on sightseeing in Copenhagen

Niels Bendix and the latvian ladies at Båring Højskole

The board having coffee at Nete Thomsen in Odense

In Birgit Møller Kristensen's garden