Activities 2004

Youth Perspectives on Rural Development in Europe
NGO "ACC Tautskolas Eiropai" will carry out a project "Youth Perspectives on Rural Development in Europe". The project will be financially supported by the EU Programme "Youth" and will take place in July 2004 in Rite Folkhighschool. The project foresees Danish, Latvian and Dutch youth exchange.
During the Exchange the participants will take part in study visits, will have the possibility to compare the role of youth in rural development issues and develop their experience in the co-operation with local municipalities. The aim of the project is to encourage cross-cultural development by the help of a Folkhighschool format. The participants will also have the possibility to learn to know all the regions, represented in the project, to present other participants with one's own ethnic, regional and national traditions and values.
The issue of rural development is of vital importance in Latgale region (Latvia), as the attention that is being paid to the development of infrastructure, is centered in the big cities. These reasons have caused so far and continue to cause problems in rural areas. Unemployment and drift of young people to big cities, including the capital, law rate of income, indifference regarding career and development possibilities could be mentioned among the main problems.
The participants of the project will make collages that will reflect their impressions gained during the project. After carrying out the project the collages will be exhibited in Rite Municipality, European Information Point in Jekabpils district and eventually in other places.