Activities 2002

Latvian students at Snoghoj IT-highschool
Niels Bendix and Lis Nielsen drove home to Denmark together with four young Latvians. They had got scholarship at Snoghoj IT-highschool. In two cars they drove the 2000 km through Lithuania, Poland and Germany within 33 hours.

VAK meeting in Rite
On January 11-13 the association VAK in Latvia had their General Assembly at Rite Folkhighschool for about 50 members. VAK is an environmental organisation, in Denmark it is called NOAH.

General Assembly
Annual General Assembly took place at Rite Folkhighschool on May 11, 2002. It was attended by 9 persons from Denmark and Sweden as well as 25 Latvians.
Niels Bendix Knudsen, principal of Rite Folkhighschool, reported about the most important activities at the school of the previous year. There were re-elected school boardmembers as well and the board remained without any changes this year.
It was very interesting to hear about experience of Elsmari Furuvall Mattsson, principal of Litorina Folkhighschool in Karlskrona, Sweden.
In addition there were discussed some activities of this year. As an example we can mention summercamp for children that will take place at Rite Folkhighschool from July 13-22. One more important task is to make tighter contacts among the same Folkhighschools in Latvia and foreign countries, so it coul'd be possible to realize some common projects in the near future.
The end of General Assembly was celebrated with dinner and ball.

Me in Europe!
NGO "ACC Tautskolas Eiropai" organized a seminar "Me in Europe!" for 20 pupils of Jekabpils district secondary schools. The seminar took place in Rite Folkhighschool October 31st - November 3rd, 2002.
The aim of the project was to encourage the pupils of secondary schools to learn more about the European Union issues, thus motivating them to take part in the decision-making process regarding Latvia's accession to the European Union.
During the four-day seminar the participants had the possibility to learn about relations between Latvia and the European Union, they worked on informative materials that were later used in their schools when debating on EU issues. The participants visited EU Information Point in Jekabpils district, as well as the border guard point in Selija district. Issues connected with Latvia's integration in the EU were discussed. During the seminar the participants acquired knowledge on EU issues, gained new experience and actively spent the autumn holidays.